2024 International Traumatic Brain Injury Conference

Speakers Bio

Dr. Eve Valera

Dr. Eve Valera

Eve is the Associate Professor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Research Scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and has worked in the domestic violence field for over 25 years.

She uses a range of methodologies to understand the neural, cognitive, and psychological consequences of brain injuries from intimate-partner violence, with her most recent focus being on transgender women.

As a pioneer in the field of IPV-related brain injury, she regularly lectures internationally and has received national and international recognition for her work being featured in news outlets such as NYT Magazine, Forbes and National Public Radio (NPR).

She was an inaugural recipient of the Women Making History Award from Safe Living Spaces and has also been the recipient of the prestigious Robert D. Voogt Founders Award, Rappaport Research Fellowship in Neurology, PINK Concussions Domestic Violence Award and the Anne Klibanski Visiting Scholars Award.

She is passionate about raising awareness and educating all relevant stakeholders about this tremendously overlooked public health problem.