2024 International Traumatic Brain Injury Conference

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Tickets are now available to purchase to just attend the buffet meal on Thursday 21st March 2024.


Guest speaker will be Alison Mau who will be speaking about her new venture : TIKA

Tika is a ground-breaking access to justice initiative for survivors of sexual harm.


Three out of every 10 New Zealanders – around 1.5 million of us – experience sexual harm in our lifetimes as children, teenagers and adults. That’s one in three women, one in six men, and those in marginalised or vulnerable communities experience even greater rates. It’s happening in schools, sport, workplaces, the community and online.


And yet, a staggering 92% of sexual harm is never reported to Police, or organisations like the Human Rights Commission. Because there is little or no accountability, many perpetrators develop a pattern of behaviour and harm one person after another. While there’s more awareness of the extent of sexual harassment and assault these days, that hasn’t moved the needle on those statistics – still, only eight percent of survivors report the harm done to them.


While deciding to report or not is a personal decision, we know most survivors face systemic barriers that affect that decision. These barriers include guilt, shame and isolation, lack of knowledge about what sexual conduct is illegal, fear of not being believed, and lack of confidence to navigate the legal system alone.


We think a new strategy is needed, one that will lead to accountability for repeat perpetrators and access to justice for survivors. Our name means justice, fairness and truth, a kupu gifted to us by Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori.

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