2024 International Traumatic Brain Injury Conference

The Hidden Cost of Violence

Aotearoa New Zealand's
first International
Traumatic Brain Injury

Thursday 21 and Friday 22 March 2024 @ War Memorial Centre, Whanganui.

The Hidden Cost of Violence - Unveiling the silent epidemic.

Our conference aims to bring together experts, researchers, professionals, advocates, and those with lived experience to deepen our understanding and ability to respond to traumatic brain injuries caused by interpersonal violence. Through knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovative solutions, we strive to enhance prevention strategies, support systems, and survivor-centred interventions.


Collaboration, Networking, and Advocacy

  • Networking and connection for professionals working in the health, disability, family violence, and criminal justice spaces.
  • Opportunity for inter-agency collaboration- to maximise the safety and support for victim-survivors of TBI.


Wellbeing and Restoration of Victim-Survivors

  • Highlighting current kaupapa Māori research and tools in prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of TBI’s.
  • Highlighting the voices, challenges, experiences, and aspirations of our disabled community, whaikaha Māori, and those with lived experience of TBI/IPV.
  • Challenging the myths, norms and societal attitudes associated with TBI/IPV which lead to invisibility of victim- survivors.

OUTCOME THREE: Kaitiakitanga

Protection and Accountability to Victim-Survivors

  • Current interdisciplinary discussions on the intersection of TBI and IPV.
  • Identification of gaps in TBI/IPV sectors.
  • New frameworks and tools to enhance professional practice.
  • Increased capability of our specialist workforces in the TBI/IPV spaces.

Project Group

Birthright Whanganui

Brain Injury Association Whanganui

Jigsaw Whanganui

Jigsaw Whanganui

Restorative Practices Whanganui Trust

Tupoho Trust

Tupoho Trust